Monday, May 04, 2015

Pool Report: Will Dixon Has A Good Night

If you’ve got Brandon Prust in your pool, I believe you can cross him off right now, even with at least (and probably at most) two games remaining in the Montreal/Tampa series.

The NHL operates pretty much on the Vegas model -– “What’s said on the ice, stays on the ice”. And even if the dealer was cheating, it’s your problem.

It’s become clear that the one team Montreal couldn’t beat all season isn’t likely to give one up now that the stakes are so high. That might be best for the “Centre Bell Centre” since it’ll take a while to clear the stench from that place after last night’s Habs performance.

On CBC, Strombo looked like he’d just heard the Ghomeshi news all over again.

At the opposite end of Prust’s bad night was Will Dixon’s sensational one. Twenty points for Uncle Willis over the weekend shoots him to the top of The Infamous Writers Hockey Pool, the first time anyone has piled up such a substantial lead so quickly.

Chris Sheasgreen and Will Zmak are giving chase. But it’ll take something spectacular to knock the Sage of Saskatchewan from his perch.


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