Saturday, May 25, 2013

Approaching The Heart Of The Dragon

Three years ago, I wrote a post entitled “Sometimes The Dragon Wins” which still regularly turns up on the ‘most read’ lists for this blog.

That post told the story of the night a Toronto bicycle courier named Darcy Allan Sheppard died during a confrontation with Ontario’s former Attorney General, Michael Bryant.

There was a lot about that night, the investigation and the subsequent decision not to prosecute Mr. Bryant that troubled a lot of people at the time and continues to trouble them to this day.

It felt like a travesty of Justice and seemed that the truth about how blood came to be spilled along Toronto’s fashionable “Mink Mile” would never be revealed.

Sometimes the Dragon wins…

And sometimes the Dragon’s smug and arrogant nature, his certainty of his power and the maze of regulations and political relationships he contrives to protect his lair work against him.

Sometimes one who is pure of heart breaches those barriers and causes the Dragon to tremble.

Last week, Allan Sheppard Sr. (Darcy’s father) held a press conference to describe his ongoing search for the truth surrounding his son’s death. It is a tale of silenced cops, eye witness testimony dismissed and lawyerly machinations that most believe could never happen in this country.

That press conference can be found here.

Whether or not the Dragon wins again depends on how much or how little you care.


Here are the Statements from the 19 eyewitnesses the Special Prosecutor chose to ignore in deciding the case.

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