Friday, May 03, 2013

Bug-Eyed Fat Walrus Season Opens!

03-05-2013 3-37-55 PM

And we’re off…

A little late today with the first set of Pool standings, I know. But we still have a couple of poolies replacing players who’ve been scratched for the playoffs, so the numbers below aren’t written in stone.


Larry Raskin is (once again) first out of the gate with Eric Anderson, Todd Gordon (a past winner), Will Pascoe (a past double winner) and Peter Rowley, right behind.

But it’s early days, with several teams only one game in.

However, when it comes to highlights, there are tons of them already. Spectacular goals. Thundering hits. Brain farts. Popped Chicklets. Trash talk.

And awesomely creative fan messages…

We’ll have a better idea how the first round is going to turn out on Monday. So ready the beer and wings, the first weekend of the Stanley Cup playoffs is nothing short of awesome.

The standings at the end of Week One: 


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