Friday, May 31, 2013

Pool Report: The Final Four

The Conference Finals commence tomorrow. Boston vs Pittsburgh in the East and LA vs Chicago in the West.

While up here on the grassy knoll, I await the man in Dealey Plaza to open his umbrella. Because also moving into the finals is Referee Brad Watson, the man who’s non-calls sealed Toronto’s fate.

As I predicted after the Toronto debacle, all the elements remain in place for a pre-determined in the NHL boardroom Boston/LA ealing of America Stanley Cup Final with blind Brad slowing the bubble-topless limo carrying the Hawks and Pens as it approaches the railway overpass…

You may not be buying any of this, but somewhere at the Toronto Star, a frazzled editor, desperate for readership is pulling my resume from a dusty filing cabinet and wondering whether I can stretch the Rob Ford saga for another week.

However, were such a conspiracy actually in the works, it would require some spectacular games through Round Three for dominant teams like Chicago and Pittsburgh to fall by the wayside. And that could get quite entertaining.

At any rate, Wil Zmak continues to dominate the Infamous Writers Hockey Pool, still dogged, however, by David Kinahan, Eric Anderson and –- Larry Bambrick? Hey, where’d he come from?

And for those not given to conspiracies –- there’s Will Pascoe, previous two time winner, starting to make his move and still with a full roster. Referee Brad might be the only thing that can stop him. 

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John McFetridge said...

The final four are the last four cup winners.

When does this parity thing kick in?