Friday, May 24, 2013

Pool Report: Probably Not

Every time Ottawa gets into the playoffs, somebody somewhere asks why they are never “Canada’s Team”, the one fans of other Canadian clubs flock to as their own heroes fall by the wayside; the banner carrier of a nation desperate for the Cup.

Now we know the answer to that question.

Asked following Wednesday night’s 7-3 drubbing by the Penguins, if his Senators could rebound to win the series, Captain Daniel Alfredsson responded, “Probably not”.

There you have it.

Imagine being a hard working Ottawa fan (Seriously, there are people in Ottawa who work) who has managed to get your raw and calloused hands on a couple of $125 upper bowl in the rafters seats for Game 6, already booking an hour or two of overtime so you can cover the $11 parking pass at Scotiabank Place as well as a couple of $8 beers and overpriced snacks. Is your passion well placed?

Probably not.

Imagine being standout Ottawa Goalie Craig Anderson, rookie sensation Cory Conacher, the remarkably talented Eric Karlsson or Jason Spezza, who missed 43 of the shortened season’s 48 games to injury and still fought his way back into the playoff line-up. Would you want Danny leading you into battle?

Probably not.

Time to pack up the skates, go back to Sweden and get started on that Lingonberry farm, Crusty. We all suspected you never really had what it takes. Now you’ve proven it.

Nobody gets to the Stanley Cup final without passion. And despite being in a far worse position than Ottawa, passion is at the forefront in New York, where an embattled coach sits his best player in a do or die game – and ekes out a win.

For years we’ve enjoyed John Tortorella’s feuds with the press. But it’s clear the guy never stops fighting for his team, taking everyone to task, even getting under the skin of the league’s notoriously slow to anger officials.

That’s what never quitting or giving up is all about. Do us all a favor Ottawa and pack it in tonight. Nobody believes in you anymore and a lot of pool players are tired of you giving Pittsburgh the opportunity to just keep racking up points.

Speaking of Pools…

Will Zmak (with the assistance of Jonathan Quick) has taken a hefty lead in the Infamous Writers Hockey Pool. But everybody in the top ten is still within striking distance and there are a couple of dark horses further down the list that we may hear from soon.

More Monday when most (if not all) of the 2nd Round series will have been decided and Daniel Alfredsson will have held his tearful, yet strangely unmoving, retirement press conference and be out piling his Ikea bedroom suite and rack of old game worn sweaters at the curb.

Anybody want a souvenir?

Probably not.

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