Monday, May 06, 2013

Pool Report: Week Two Begins

What? Wait. Minnesota won one?

And the Islanders did too?

And the Leafs…?

Some guy we never heard of named Jason Zucker got a game winning goal? And another named Jean-Gabriel Pageau had a hat trick???

Nobody’s ever heard of these guys!!! And the smart money said none of those teams had a chance!

Yep. The playoffs are unpredictable. Which is what makes them so damn much fun.

For example -- Anybody not tuning in to Game 4 between the Sens and the Habs after this?

Something tells me the prices on Stubhub just doubled for that baby.

Meanwhile, on the West coast…

I understand committees are being formed in Vancouver and Maple Ridge to urge the currently campaigning provincial political parties to come up with a tax credit program to “Save BC Hockey”.

All of which explains why the standings in the Infamous Writers Hockey Pool have shaken up a lot since Friday. Larry Raskin still leads by a single point, with a whole bunch of players who’d been way down the list on Friday now nipping at his heels.

It’s going to be an interesting week. Game on!

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