Friday, March 30, 2012

Fight For The Cure

Back in the days when television was still mostly a novelty, likelier to be found in a store window than a living room, there was one program that guaranteed an audience -- Boxing.

Friday or Saturday nights, the ring bell that signaled the beginning of the Gillette theme song also signaled bartenders to turn down the jukebox and turn up the sound on the flickering grey screen over the bar.

And for a couple of hours, the new medium had audiences larger than what it enjoyed for virtually everything else it carried.

Perhaps the hope that history will repeat itself is behind the Sun News Network's decision to shift from talking political heads to those throwing punches to them this coming Saturday night.

Perhaps its just an opportunity to have some fun and support a good cause at the same time.

Ottawa based "Fight For The Cure" has been running an evening of "White Collar Boxing" for several years now to raise money for the fight against Cancer. Sometimes the combatants are legitimate boxers. Sometimes they're guys with some public awareness and a score to settle.

This year's event features Liberal MP Justin Trudeau going toe-to-toe with Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau, both of whom have brought all their political and media skills to bear in hyping what's now been dubbed everything from "The Thrilla On The Hilla" to "Rumble On The Rideau". 

The two have trash talked, almost come to blows at the weigh-in and invoked every "Rocky" cliche in an effort to make this year's event the biggest fundraiser so far.

Tickets sold out long ago. But, as mentioned, you can see their battle and the multiple grudge match under-card live on SUN-TV Saturday at 9:00 PM Eastern and 6:00 Pacific.

Those driven by partisan politics or simply the value of supporting a good cause can make donations to the fight against Cancer here.

Would that more of our endless political wrangles could be settled in as straightforward a fashion.

Fight For The Cure Teaser from Media Ball on Vimeo.

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