Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Is There A CBC "Hush Fund"?

One of the things I and most Canadian Show Business bloggers are aware of is the timidity of the creative community in which we serve.

There's a palpable terror among so many of them that saying anything "provocative" or even the least bit critical will really mess up their career path, ostracize them from the circles in which they desire to run, maybe even label them as 'troublemakers' and 'undesirables'.

Yet every time one of us posts something in that vein, we're inevitably deluged with emails and tweets thanking us for saying what our colleagues felt they couldn't say themselves. Views rarely then posted in some format for public consumption.

Thus we become the perennial "man on the wire". The guy on a WWI battlefield who threw himself on the barbed wire so his companions could charge into "No Man's Land" to battle The Hun, and therefore was left entangled in one spot where he would also be an easier target than his onward charging buddies.

But without those guys battles would not have been won. 

And unless people speak up about what's wrong in the world, there's no incentive for anything to change.

The other thing I know about the Canadian creative community is that they don't watch the Sun News Network. 

Or at least -- they don't admit to watching it until one of the hosts does something deemed "outrageous" and then my Twitter feed is just loaded with tweets and re-tweets castigating whoever for whatever.

As a result, I'm never sure if the condemnations are heartfelt or merely a reminder to followers or fellow travelers that the commenter remains a card-carrying member of the herd.

Which means that I'm fairly certain nobody Showbiz related and reading this tuned in to Ezra Levant's "The Source" last night to hear his comments about the CBC.

And while some may choose to categorize what follows as just another "Right-Wing rant", names are named, documents cited and dollar amounts affixed to make the explosive argument that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation spends a significant number of tax-payer dollars silencing those who might criticize them.

If any of this is trumped up or bogus, I wouldn't want to be the Sun's Libel lawyer right now.

And if it's not, I sure wouldn't want to be the President of the CBC...


Over to you. The comment thread is open as always -- if you dare...


Anthony Marco said...

If there is such a fund, can someone forward my name to the CBC? I suppose co-hosting the TV Eh? podcast doesn't put me high enough up the grift list. Then again, I did refer to an upcoming CBC horse movie as "not my cup of glue".

Amanda said...

I agree! Levant is a gem in Canadian broadcasting. One who doesn't work for the CBC. He's far, far funnier than Rick Mercer!

Anonymous said...

People within the community are afraid to openly criticize the CBC because they think it'll hurt their chances of working for them.

Slightly off topic, but the same people are afraid of openly criticizing John Doyle because of a potential bad review and because of the rumours that he's pretty tight with the head of the CBC.