Sunday, March 04, 2012

Lazy Sunday # 210: You’re Not Paranoid If…


The last couple of weeks, Canadians have become increasingly concerned about the Federal Government’s proposed Internet Protection Bill (C-30).

The legislation seemed to open the possibility that law enforcement (and others) would be able to snoop on our online activities at will, raising the police-state spectre of invaded privacy and warrantless searches.

Then on Friday, in an attempt to get control of the “Robocalls” election fraud scandal, Elections Canada reached out to the CRTC for assistance.


Because among the CRTC’s powers are those of warrantless search and seizure:

As a Globe and Mail news item detailed:

“The communications regulator can investigate unsolicited calling activity without court orders. CRTC investigators can enter a company’s premises through the agency’s power of inspection without asking a judge’s permission. They also have the power to demand the production of information, including telephone records, without a warrant.”

Did you know the CRTC had that kind of power?

Does it confuse you that they’ve never opted to use it in all those recent instances where consumers complained of being maltreated by ISPs, broadcasters, cable companies and mobile services?

Were all those hearings we sat through just for show – to imply our concerns had been investigated and found unsubstantiated?

How come “Anonymous” spent its time threatening to destroy the Federal Minister sponsoring Bill C-30, when there was already a government agency – the one already policing Anonymous’ prime territory – with the powers they were campaigning against?

Maybe “Anonymous” isn’t as all knowing and all seeing as they’d like us to believe.

Maybe none of us really know what those who would invade our privacy and our lives could do if they wanted to.

Make that – already can do.

View the following and either become afraid –- very afraid, or figure out what we need to do to keep those who have no business intruding on your affairs from messing with us any way they want.

And then… Enjoy Your Sunday.

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Joel Scott said...

I am stunned to learn that the CRTC ALREADY has the warrantless ability to enter and snoop on all electronic activity.

Knowing this now, I wonder "Why the Conservative's bill to throw open the doors on the servers legislation was necessary?"

In my opinion, it's beginning to sound a lot like a turf war exists between Federal Agencies, Commissions, Departments, Policing, Ministerial Branches, Conservative Party and Intelligence Divisions, all of them appearing to request or want access, to some degree, to the digital realm without any others' officials or public approval!

It also appears that everyone may not be trusting each others' intelligence that is being gathered. That is extremely destabilizing for the country as we may be headed into a Constitutional Crisis on the validity of the last election. Very nervy and strange times indeed!

This may have been all precipitated by the Conservatives' behaviour on Democratic principles prior to this story breaking. Their subsequent response to this scandal, as the Majority Ruling Government of the day, is also just as telling.

Let's watch some "Truth and Consequences"... Any amateur sleuth/ police officer will tell you that 19 times out of 20, people, when confronted with a criminal allegation against them, such as The Robo-calls, the innocent party will protest stridently, vigorously underlining their innocence as "that is all they truly know...they are simply NOT GUILTY !"

In 19 times out of 20, guilty parties will deny involvement, then will immediately launch into blaming/framing another person/party.

First they will claim innocence, then quickly move on to casting blame/aspersions on another, a deflection or projection behaviour well documented in the denial chart.

Suffering from disorders such as narcissism, not only applies to individuals. Disordered thinking and behaviour can also apply to companies, governments and groups of people with special interests.

It's their culture and character that originates at the top within the leader or leadership group. It then becomes adopted through the organization via "Group Think"

There is an "absolute truth" to innocence. All innocent parties know: "their devoted knowledge of their own unquestionable innocence."

They overwhelmingly "know not one thing" about other peoples'/parties' actions, unless they personally witnessed the
event(s). All they know is their own actions and history, which they will aggressively defend tirelessly.

Harper's Conservatives have spent 90% of their House of Commons' time blaming the Liberals or the NDP, calling it an" elaborate smear". Need I say more?