Monday, March 12, 2012

Quick! Look Over There!


Barry Kiefl has written a few terrific guest posts here at The Legion. The first was in response to his winning the 4th Annual Infamous Writers Hockey Pool.

(Incidentally, Year Six of the nation’s funnest hockey pool will commence here at The Legion in 4 weeks time.)

After that, Barry turned to what he does best, divining what is really going on in the secretive world of Canadian broadcasting. His three parter on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation might just be the smartest thing we’ve ever posted around here.

(Not sayin’ much I know – but still…)

But now you don’t have to come to The Legion to learn what Barry knows about Canadian media. He has his own Blog “Canadian Media Research”, today presenting detailed research that suggests Canadians are a very long way from abandoning traditional TV for the untethered life of online and over the top media.

As with everything Barry writes, it’s a great read. And if you’re in Canadian show business you should make a point of staying current with the kind of background information our major players and government agencies rely on in determining their next moves.

So, head over to Barry’s place today and add it to your list of essential sites in the months to come.

(But don’t forget who brung you to this dance – and start figuring out your Playoff picks, because this year’s pool is going to be the best ever.)

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