Monday, June 03, 2013

Pool Report: And The Hits…

…just keep on…


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And a couple of up-to-now “hot” goalies in Pittsburgh and LA still feel like they got hit by a bus this morning.

Series in the East and West turned suddenly nasty this weekend. And I got a feeling they’re both gonna get meaner. When you have four teams that have all won the Cup in the last four years, you’re dealing with a lot of guys who remember how good winning felt and want that feeling back in their lives.

Same thing goes for the Infamous Writers Hockey Pool. David Kinahan, multiple winner of the Props contest is nipping at leader Wil Zmak’s heels, while past champ Barry Keifl is burning up the charts on the strength of Chicago’s scoring power.

I’m in transit today, so this has gotta be quick, unless I want to be one of those guys who writes in a Starbucks. But there should be a lot to report when we get back to this on Friday.

The standings as of this morning.

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