Sunday, June 09, 2013

Pool Report: Crushed!

In the end, it wasn’t even close.

A couple of overtime periods aside, Chicago pwned Los Angeles. And what can you say about Pittsburgh falling so hard to Boston…






Not a single point against the Bruins from the whole bunch! Aren’t  you glad you stuck with scoring leaders when making your pool picks?

crosby toss

Well, they’ve all been moved over to the golf course now, so a couple of the storied “Original Six” teams can settle this thing.

And the standings in the Infamous Writers Hockey Pool are about to undergo a major shakeup. Can Will Zmak hold on to what looked like an insurmountable lead? Or will Barry Kiefl, currently buried at 11th but with a full team of healthy Hawks, be able to close the distance?

Puck drops on Wednesday and tomorrow we add the Props Competition for those who want to take another shot at some Pool Glory. Entries will remain open until Saturday.

The Standings as we enter the final round…

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