Monday, June 24, 2013

Pool Report: The Penultimate

Game 6 Could Come Down To The Skating Wounded

Well, it either ends tonight or Wednesday (and I’m still hoping for the latter). And thus we have arrived at the final Pool Report for this season. The next time the topic at the Legion is hockey, it will be to crown our new champions.

And while some may bemoan the lack of lead changes over the last month, I think we also need to acknowledge the puck acumen of those who now top the pool.

Meanwhile, the rest of us resemble the walking wounded who now populate both sides in this epic Chicago/Boston battle. It’s been a rough final for all involved and anybody confident in one team dominating hasn’t been paying close attention.

This could still go either way and wouldn’t a double overtime in Game Seven just top it off perfectly.

Back when we’ve got a winner. Here are the standings on this final Monday.

24-06-2013 4-03-14 PM

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