Friday, May 30, 2014

Pool Report: He Is Risen

Welcome To The Henrik Lundqvist Show

For all that may be written and/or whined about in Montreal and elsewhere across the country today, one thing beat the Montreal Canadiens. Henrik Lundqvist.

Let’s face it. The guy’s a God.

And now he has risen to the top of the heap in the East and the New York Rangers are in the Stanley Cup Final.

Whether it’s Chicago or LA that comes out of the West this weekend, (And after that last awesome overtime tilt, who do you choose?) it’s gonna be tough to keep this guy from rising all the way to Hockey Heaven.

After last night’s unbelievable soccer move, It wouldn’t surprise me if he wins the Cup and jets right off to Rio to tend goal in the World Cup.

And what a huge difference last night’s NY win makes in the Infamous Writers Hockey Pool.

Some players have lost up to half of their rosters. Others depending on a Montreal win that might see Carey Price return to their rosters have been mortally wounded.

Others are suddenly poised to make a move.

Ah, the Hockey Gods are fickle. But for the moment it seems Henrik Lundquist has been elevated to their ranks.

Will the same be true for former Pool God, “Evil” Will Pascoe who currently sits in first? Or does Jon Brooks have the horses to make up the small distance between them? For the moment, Maurey Loeffler seems well back in third. But there are others closing on him fast.

It’s going to be an interesting weekend.

See you Monday.

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