Friday, May 23, 2014

Pool Report: Never Surrender

If there’s been a theme to this week’s games, it has been a simple one. Adhere to the first rule of the game –- never quit –- never surrender.

Just when you thought New York had broken Montreal and Chicago owned LA, somebody stepped up to say, “Not so fast”.

It gets brutal from here. In a physical sense to be sure. But mostly on a whole other level. Moments that try the soul and force those who would succeed to dig deeper than they ever thought they would have to go.

It’s life and death now. Life and death and so much more.

And in the Pool…

Jon Brooks hangs on to first with Will Pascoe right behind. Maurey Loeffler joins Michael Foster in third. But top to bottom the distances between players are closing.

It’s gonna be a tough weekend for some of us.

friday 23

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