Monday, May 26, 2014

Pool Report: Stormy Monday

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If anybody’s looking for Will Pascoe this morning, he’s likely down at Randy’s Donuts basking in the glory of finally reaching the pinnacle of the Infamous Writers Hockey Pool while explaining to the upset locals the reason their iconic donut no longer has a hole.

We’ve reached the point in the Stanley Cup finals where everybody is getting a little testy and out of sorts. Best friend coaches in New York and Montreal aren’t talking to each other. Players in Chicago and LA are hatin’. And Don Cherry is pissed at everybody.

Although that last seems par for the course, last night I sensed a glimmer of just how much Ron McLean wants to finally haul off and deck his ill-tempered side kick.

And if Montreal exits this week, a little “Coach’s Corner” dust up might be just the thing to ramp up ratings as we move into the final round.

So Mr. Pascoe should enjoy his moment in the sun while he can. Because my Rangers seem to have suddenly become a team of destiny.

Over in the West, one more home game like Saturday’s and the Kings will have last year’s champs on the precipice as well. And much as a NY/LA Final was unexpected, you can’t argue with how beneficial it will be for the game in building a larger audience.

Between DeNiro on the glass at the Gardens and Slash doing the National Anthem, even TMZ might show some interest.

We may know for sure by Friday’s report.

Meanwhile in the pool, Will Pascoe has edged ahead on Jon Brooks with Michael Foster and Maurey Loeffler tangled together at third. But this is far, far from over as other players move up and the Hockey Gods might send some of the leaders for a tumble.

No wonder everybody’s a little tense…


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