Friday, May 16, 2014

Pool Report: We Live In Interesting Times

sidney cosmo

Sidney –- once again the Bridesmaid…

Boston –– stayin’ classy… 

Pascal, May 16, 2014

And CBC -- Seriously, your reigning hockey “expert” insists a 3-1 game was lost in “overtime”..?

Yes, we live in interesting times…

And pool-wise it’s about to get very interesting for a lot of us. Because so much is turning out far, far different from what was expected.

But we’re still in Round Two and there’s yet another round before the finals, so despite the seismic shift in the standings that’s about to occur, let’s not be suggesting anybody’s got this wrapped up just yet.

But some serious plummeting down the standings is in store in the days to come. Unless –- unless your picks racked up enough points to stave off those still standing.

So bask in your moment in the sun, or await (like me) release from the ignominy of the bottom end of the pile. For, despite all the unexpected outcomes, the unpredictability is what makes the Stanley Cup Playoffs so damn much fun in the first place.

And mostly –- be happy you’re not Jarome Iginla’s agent who, after blowing sure fire trades to Pittsburgh and then Boston has to figure out where his guy needs to play to win a cup next year…

This week’s pool standings:

Jon Brooks on top by one over Michael Foster with Todd Gordon and Peter Wildman both hugging third.

The picture on Monday will be very different.

week 3 end

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