Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bye 2013. Hello Future.

December 31, 2013

A couple of final things before we show 2013 the door…

First. Follow the link below for a free download of “December 31” from Country music star Levi Lowrey. For my money this is the kind of guy who might just rescue “New” Country from what’s become an endless run of “havin’ a beer in my truck on a dirt road” songs.

December 31.

And finally, it’s already 2014 in most of the World. Being a big fan of fireworks and having had the pleasure of watching the Sydney Harbour Bridge blow up one New Year’s Eve, watching the great cities of the world bring in the New Year with a bang is one of my great pleasures.

This year, Dubai promised to set a world record for the biggest fireworks display ever. And I think they might have just done it.

Here’s hoping that 2014 comes in as big and continues to burn as bright where you are tonight. See you next year.

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