Monday, December 09, 2013

Flying This Christmas?

You might want to consider buying a ticket from the airline I take whenever I have the option…

Some airlines claim to be “The World’s Favorite” or promise to “fly the friendly skies” or assure you you’ll “fly with friends”; all hoping to offset the aggravations and annoyances that have become synonymous with air travel these days.

Some offer you a complimentary drink in their lounge, no charge for your first piece of luggage or a free headset for in-flight entertainment.

Others attempt to exemplify the best of their heritage through exotic menu items or flight attendants in traditional dress.

But only one goes this far to let their passengers know how much they are appreciated. For this reason, and many more, you might want to consider a Canadian airline that truly reflects the country they call home.


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JPilot said...

Absolutely wonderful and unexpected. This is what we usually expect from some big Canadian Airline: