Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lazy Sunday # 303: Singularity

Goodbye world. The universe could be about to collapse on us according to scientists in Denmark. Source: Thinkstock

Apparently –- at least according to some scientists in Denmark –- the Universe has begun to collapse.

Now, if you’ve read anything about the Big Bang Theory, you know a lot of scientists believe that will eventually occur (and use your best Carl Sagan voice here) “in billions and billions of years…”

Only these guys in Denmark have done some calculations and think it might be a whole lot sooner.

Not, as in, take a pass on the Christmas shopping or forget setting something aside for your grand-kids college fund sooner. But sooner.

Now let’s not forget that exactly five years ago today, in 2008, Al Gore assured us that thousands of climate scientists had concluded the artic would be completely ice-free by last Summer. And, well, look out any window in the Northern hemisphere this morning and it’ll give you some idea how accurate those smarty pants scientist guys were.

At any rate, the end is nigh –- or as nigh as it’s ever gonna be for most of us -- and it might be worth your while giving some thought to Life and Death and Eternity and how you and those you love fit into that picture.

But since getting your head around such weighty issues at Christmas can be a bit of a struggle, filmmaker Eric Hurt has done the job for you, in a brilliant short film entitled “Singularity”.

Prepare to be blown away.

And Enjoy Your Sunday…

Singularity from Eric Hurt on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Singularity! Hope it was enjoyed by a few people.
Eric Hurt