Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Legion Christmas Concert

Every Christmas since this blog launched, we’ve put on a concert. It’s my own nod to the small town celebrations that were a highlight of my prairie upbringing -– and also introduced me to the show business.

We’ve done everything here from reliving one of those school shows to collecting the favorite carols of other bloggers, to parades of lights and mail in requests.  Just punch “Christmas Concert” in the search box above and you’ll be inundated with all things Christmas.

This year, I wanted to offer some new songs of the season along with a couple of chestnuts revitalized by new voices. One of the fascinating things about Christmas is the way we keep re-birthing the spirit of the season.

But then, I think that was the whole point from the beginning.

I hope you like this year’s selections and perhaps discover a tune or two that become part of your Christmas seasons to come.

Thanks to all of you who keep visiting the Legion and growing its reach. I hope I continue to keep you entertained or informed or at least give you some reason to keep coming back.

May this Christmas be the merriest you’ve known and the new year bring all you desire.

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