Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Log Rolling Out Of 2013

As many do on the last day of the year, I look back on what’s been accomplished, achieved or survived over the previous 365. Recently, that’s led me to publishing my own “Top Ten” list of what I thought was best here at The Legion.

Because –- God knows –- nobody else will…

If there was a theme here in 2013, it appears to have been breaking away from cable and in the process from supporting a Canadian broadcast industry that doesn’t go much out of its way to support Canadians, let alone offer them anything either definitively national or innovative.

But there’s other stuff too. And I hope none are too hard on your head if reading is about all you can handle on the first day of 2014.

Thanks again for visiting so often in the past year. I’ll do all I can to keep you coming back.

In no particular order…

More Reasons To Cut The Cord

A Classy Reason To Cut The Cord

Enough With The Geo-Blocking

More Stuff You Can’t See In Canada

Canadian Artists Matter – Someplace Else

Sometimes Its Not Just A Movie

The Whiff of Desperation

The Knows It Alls

The Cop Who Captured Lee Harvey Oswald

The Impossiblist

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greenwood1233 said...

Thanks Jim. I don't have a favorite but love reading them. Happy 365 days...